The Security Platform

Dedicated hardware is the magic keyword to get access to a new level of mobile security and of protection against privacy intrusion, identity theft, and many other forms of fraudulent data and identity misuse which can be commited by using state-of-art mobile communication equipment and malign applications available to almost everyone - read more on how to get protection by the Secocard platform.

Secure Banking

Accepting mobile banking and payment solutions from internet service providers and handset vendors may be fun for the bank customer – and the bank may find it hard to resist. Then again, there is not that much fun in handing over the relationship with your bank customer to these new players. So banks, beware - and consider an innovative solution based on Secocard which gives your customers all the flexibility and security they need, while maintaining your strategic position of being the institution which gives out these powerful and helpful tools to your customer base.

Sample Image

Mobile POS solutions have long begun to embrace mobile communication devices like smartphones and tablets as their means of accessing the back end systems. Some vendors try to glue a service to a specific device make or even model, others won’t – and the latter are those with the best flexibility and greatest value. But how do you maintain the required levels of security to protect the scheme, the merchant and the consumers? And how do you provide more value in an innovative mobile POS system for an even smaller investment? Find out how Secocard brings all of this and even more to retailers.

Our Security Platform in Pictures