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Achieving EMPELOR’s and your business goals will be tasked only to experts with highest levels of qualification and experience in the industry. Based on their in-depth knowledge and profound practice they assume success-driven responsibility in their respective fields including leadership for businesses, for projects and programs, and personal accountability for mission-critical taskings.

We require outstanding education, high business achievements and long practice and projects backgrounds in business and IT strategy, IT management and governance, product and project management, organizational turn-arounds, IT project and systems evaluation as well as application development and implementation.

In the field of practical achievements we are proud to mention our own inventions in the area of mobile communication and mobile security, such as the first smartcard in a microSD flash memory card format worldwide and a variety of mobile security applications, such as the so-called “Merkel-Phone“, a highly secure Windows Mobile device which allows officials within the German Federal Government and German Federal Agencies to carry their classified PIM data in a secured and tamper-protected way.

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