Secocard, the universal security platform combining integrated Secoder 3G, eID reader capacities and autonomous payment over NFC now introduced as smartwatch.

Zug, Switzerland, July 22, 2014 - Immediately after having added an eID reading capacity to his multi-function smartcard reader Secocard, Dr. Paschalis Papagrigoriou, renowned inventor of the microSD smartcard, unveils important security functionality in a zeitgeisty smartwatch named SecoWatch.

smartwatch01 Secocard comprises all major transactional applications used by the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (DK, i.e. German finance industry) based on the Secoder standard, such as girocard on the internet. Most recently the application scope was extended to a comfort reading capacity for the German electronic ID card. Email and voice encryption will be optional enhancements planned for the future.

Just like its “big sister” Secocard, SecoWatch comes with an integrated secure element and by its inherent reader capacity can interface with external smartcards and the eID card. Secure PIN entry on its capacitive touch display makes it a secure platform for mobile payment and authentication. SecoWatch uses a Bluetooth Smart interface to communicate with a smartphone or tablet, which serve as access devices enabling secure dialogs with background systems.

”User acceptance within the consumer segment will be greatly enhanced by our new form factor smartwatch. It will also help us identify more practical use cases and application scenarios beneficial for this user group. Empelor will be thrilled to implement the most valued of these cases onto SecoWatch, “. Papagrigoriou explains his plans. ”For the first time we see an affordable technology which will greatly increase levels of security in the field of mobile communication and transaction for the mass market.”

Empelor, a company operating in Switzerland, Germany and Greece, runs a business model of constantly broadening the scope of its multifunction security devices based on projects defined by customer requests. Empelor has manufactured a variety of prototypes and low volume series serving their clients for testing and application integrating purposes.

About Empelor GmbH

Empelor GmbH with offices in Nuremberg, Germany, and Zug, Switzerland, builds upon its longtime experience in highly security-critical ITC markets, and successfully develops products and solutions to make mobile communication devices safer and more user friendly.

With its comprehensive service offering, Empelor is also ideally positioned to organize the whole spectrum of mobile communications for its customers more efficiently and make it future-proof. Empelor can show the optimal way to achieve the highest benefits from a company’s established mobile communications. Creating a stable framework of improvement and protection, Empelor helps develop mobile communications into tailor-made networking platforms for its clients.

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